Services for Authors

We offer a range of services for authors, writers, speakers and service providers. Check out the portfolio with related examples.  Contact us today.

Print Design Offerings:
Book Covers
Book Interiors
Brand and identity
Flyers /Sell sheets
Business cards and stationery
Promotional items

Web Offerings:
Content management systems
Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Email Marketing:
HTML email marketing (e-newsletter, announcements, ads, etc)
Marketing campaigns and deployment

Editorial Offerings
Ghost Writing
Copyediting and proofreading

Consultation Offerings
Book marketing consultation

List of Authors and Writers Served

  • Bapsi Sidhwa
  • C. Hope Clark
  • Carolyn Brent
  • Christine Linnane
  • Colleen Story
  • Crystal Dwight
  • Dionne Hayes
  • Ellen Black
  • Gwen Florio
  • Howard Edelman
  • Irene Watson
  • Jackie Ruka
  • Jacqueline Adams
  • John C. Hughes
  • John L. Holgerson
  • Karen M. Rider
  • Kate Meadows
  • Kari Loya
  • Megan Parks
  • L. Deborah Sword
  • Laura Oles
  • Leslee Tessman
  • Linda Overman
  • Lisa K. Winkler
  • Loren Woodson
  • Lyn Hawks Fairchild
  • Mary Lou Meadows
  • Patricia Wagner
  • Paula Huston
  • Sefi Atta
  • Shiv Dutta
  • Stephanie Gunning
  • Sylvia Dickey Smith
  • Yvonne Pesquera